Maximal Dynamic Force Modulation (MaxDFM)

Dynamic Force Modulation

Dynamic Force Modulation

We have developed a new and innovative medical rehabilitation and training machine. The MaxDFM combines the versatility of a cable pulley with our patented dynamic force modulation technology.

The MaxDFM operates on the principle of:

  • dynamic Force Variation over time plus…
  • a rapid change in over- and under-load (experienced as vibration) through force modulated technology that triggers the neuromuscular reflex in the targeted muscle(s).

Working at the scientifically proven 30Hz, the MaxDFM increases muscle strength by applying a constant modulation of 60% under- and 60%
overload of the setted force .

Proven Benefits

  • 40% -100% increase in efficiency of muscle activation and fatigue with substantially reduced strain on joints, tendons and ligaments
  • muscle strength increments at half the effort as compared to training without force modulation.
  • increased blood muscle perfusion
  • higher muscle flexibility
  • increased bone density and reduced bone decay
  • increased muscle coordination

The major benefit: over 40% in training efficiency and less strain and stress on tendons, ligamants and joints. Ideally
suited for rehabilitation purposes, strength training for sport and topsport.

the motor-controlled oscillating cable pulley allows for a wide range of exercises for upper and lower body.

Range of Motion - Full Control


Also unique and new is that the range-of-motion during every exercise is fully controlled by automatic determination of start- and end-point for each individual user before every exercise. This is, according to our scientific board, an extremely valuable aspect during rehabilitation. Range of motion can be set from 1 cm to 3.7 meters based on subjects own functional range of motion or set by the physiotherapist, trainer or coach.

Force and vibration

Load setting is seamless from 0.2 kgf to 35 kgf with vibration and 50 kgf without.

LED and audio signals then guide the user in correctly performing the exercise under load. Settings, sets and reps are defined for each individual user and recorded for future reference. Pre-determined load profiles can be selected to achieve maximum eficiency in training while protecting the joint structures.

Most Important Element Is That The strength Profile Can Be Pre-Set


FLAT    Constant resistance over the range of motion


PARABOLIC     Up- and down-hill variation of resistance over the range of motion

Also unique is that the strength profile can be pre-set as follows:


RAMP UP    Linear increase of resistance over the range of motion


RAMP DOWN    Linear decrease of resistance over the range of motion